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Should you come on a Beginners or an Intermediate workshop?

Our Day Workshops are usually split into Beginners and Intermediate / Advanced

Although all workshops are designed to be as flexible as possible with plenty of time for individual tuition; we do our best to split groups into those just starting out in photography from those with more experience. This is because the emphasis of the day will vary according to the needs of the group.

Whichever you choose, you'll learn lots of new skills and ideas on both camera control and composition.
You'll also get the chance to explore the great Welsh countryside!

  • Beginners Workshops assume no previous experience and will enable the complete beginner to learn the fundamentals of photography in a fun and informative atmosphere. They allow you to take control of your camera and its controls and therefore your picture - it's easier to achieve than you ever thought possible!
  • Intermediate Workshops give the photographer with some previous understanding of photography an opportunity to develop their skills further. The emphasis is more on optimising your camera for certain situations, composition and use of light.

If you're unsure which is best for you, why not complete our breif Questionnaire


Are you used to using the 'Auto' button and seeing the flash pop up?

Our Beginners Courses will quickly move you on from the Auto settings to Manual Control - you'll see how easy it is & how it'll transform your photography! Also if you've never used it. we'll introduce you to shooting in RAW - you'll see what a difference it makes!

What equipment will I need?
Any DSLR, or Compact/Bridge camera with settings that can be changed is best as you are able to control both the aperture and shutter speeds of your camera. "Compact" cameras are a little more limited in terms of manual control; these are OK if your priority is composition but less so if you want to take control over your camera settings. If you have a compact Nigel will be happy to chat with you about this. Wet weather clothing and a packed lunch is required for the outdoor part of the workshop - it rains occasionally in Wales!

What is the priority?
We teach students to understand their cameras and how to get the best results from them. The workshops cover the camera and its controls, how exposure and focussing works and the basics of how to compose your images

Who are the workshops for?
Anyone with an interest in photography irrespective of age or level of experience.

Will I be out of my depth?
No!! These course are aimed at those with no previous experience to others with some previous experience but who usually use the auto settings & want to find out more.



Intermediate Workshops give the photographer with some previous understanding of photography an opportunity to develop their skills further.


Our Landscape Group Workshops:

  • Workshops allow the participant to further develop their skills and experience in both the technical and creative aspects of photography.
  • Locations are designed to offer experience in camera control, technique and composition, with photographic opportunities and challenges.
  • Courses are run in the Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks and are run on weekend days throughout the year.
  • They are DAY workshops, run from 9.30am - 6pm approx
  • They cost £85pp or £150 if two book together.
  • Group numbers are from 3 to a maximum of 6
Nigel making the most out of an unpromising situation on a Landscape Photography Group Course in Wiltshire!!!